The Disco AM

by Native MODE

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released September 25, 2012

Recorded by Native MODE in The Secret Room
Mastered by Todd Tobias at Waterloo Sound Recording


all rights reserved



Native MODE Connecticut

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Track Name: Golden Throne
Feet are killing me I'll never know
Why we had to park so far down the road
And I swear my head it will implode
But now I'm in
Feels good to get my coat right off
There's no line at the bar or to the bathroom
It feels good to shake it all loose
Feel it in my bones the beat is grooving strong
And all the people here just dance along
And every little drop of apprehension's gone
Now that I'm in
I don't think I have ever felt so good
Vibes are flowing down here on Underwood
I stood as still as the time stood
I don't know what I just said
I said I think I may have heard this song
Though I can't recall it's been so long
But in my mind I clearly sing along
Now that I'm in
I don't know what I just said
Lay back and concede control of my whole head
I said I think I may have heard this song
Though I can't recall it's been so long
But in my mind I clearly sing along
Now that I'm in
Somehow it's easier to let it go
Now that I'm in
Track Name: Round Table
What's this?
The drinks are perfect, as is the service!
How did they know I prefer it in this particular way?
It stuns me how ideal the lighting seems to be
And I hear one of my favorite songs blasting out the speakers
And not a single body isn't bobbing
I'm somehow connected to everyone in this place
But how could I know this?
Have I been drugged?
That's happened before but never like this
All are crowded into every nook and cranny but I get around just fine
I enjoy the sweetest wine but stay clear at the same time
I cruise the perimeter in step with the thumping sound
And as I look down
Is this the floor or is it the ground?
Track Name: I Imbibe
Feel the sweat drip down my back
Then again it's dry, now
Did it perhaps evaporate, it's ok
It's ok
I got a feeling deep inside
It's a hunger burning bright!
This place is starting to whet my appetite
And when I started to dance the waves of euphoria covered me like the warmest blankets I've ever known
I think I've lost my friends but who cares? Not me!
I'm alive with the spirit within!
Now I feel it repairing all the parts that were ailing me
And I feel it repairing all the things that were wrong with me
Feel the sweat roll of my face
Then again it's dry, somehow
I am satisfied
Track Name: The Disco AM
I know I spilled my drink on that speaker
And now it seems it's been replaced
And even though I've had seven or eight whiskeys
I still stand still in place
But how? But how could this be?
I feel a timelessness deep in this place
But I can't help but be unconcerned
I don't recall it now
All I hear is the sound
Of the thunderous paper cones
In my bones
And it's 4:33
And it's 4:43
And it's 4:23 (this is how it will always be)
As the night starts to fall
Slow it down for us all
Stretching the elastic, so ecstatic with all my people
We keep it on and on and the sun just never seems to come up
What's going on with that?!

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