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i stole these songs from other me's in parallel timelines. incidentally they were all doing the same thing.


released August 21, 2016


all rights reserved



Native MODE Connecticut

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Track Name: imaginary affairs
i get the shivers every time i hear your name it makes me fragile and lifts me off the ground and holds me still i love to wonder who would make the kill i keep it to myself every single time it feels so much safer inside my mind under lock and key but when im near you all i can do is swoon and every tempting moment has felt too soon so it seem it grows inside my dreams i get a wonderful nervous feeling i let it push me all around a little flutter of raw emotion i let it push me up or down like sound i feel my pulse race when i see your face i want to feel my lips press on your neck from behind it gets me everytime
Track Name: i run along the stone
someplace inbetween alseep and awake and only moments up from my place there is a state that i achieve a higher conciousness burns inside of me it fills my mind up i keep it chill and i run along the stone i wait till dark or i keep my eyes at half mast it clears my head and then fills it with ideas its a catalog i skim thru every time select the ones i want and take them as mine and imma get it now when i am slow i get up and i go i run along the stone
Track Name: dry timber soul
i will lose my way here sometimes and if i stay astray too long im gone gone down the rabbit hole and pulled back the curtain cuz i got a dry timber soul and just a spark will set it and once it catches all it does is burn like spraying gasoline like arid kindling i wanna take off running jet down the road like sonic bolts of lightning i sorta wanna fume blacks gusts of smoke that cover me like a big thick coat for sure uncertainty is swarming all about this moment i cant tell you how to make it stop it remains resiliently i feel it get on top of me slow deep panic steeps to poison now each second blurs to hours
Track Name: lost slumbering
oh our time was sharp and fluttering it was good but like lost slumbering one or two assumptions were made and it went so wrong and i regret it of course i regret it walked on eggshells blunt and blundering folded inward spiralled wondering and the sounds we made were humbling yeah we wrote the songs i wont forget it no i wont forget it oh our path had rocks for stumbling manic minds just like lost slumbering walls we built were also crumbling and our egos werent surrendering yeah it went so wrong and i regret it
Track Name: wishes were granted
every morning when i awake i look for your face its the first thing on my mind thanks to you ill be alone even when were not home when your out of my sight and i dont want to every be away not even for a day sweetness spills out every moment i get to spend next to you i take as much as i can hold on to all day long im thinking of you and i know you are too i can feel it inside close my eyes and yourr lips are on mine and tongues intertwined all my childhood wishes were granted all i ever needed was you there were times i couldnt believe it was true i get stronger every day and my fears melt away i can feel it inside how i wish that everyone could have it as good as us in our lives years of memories that will never fade and so many more to make weve been fused in such a way that we will never be apart its seamless where i end and where you start sweetness spills out every moment i get to spend next to you i take as much as i can hold on to
Track Name: red and blue buried riots
high on light and electricity safe on a detour and swell like bold and bright insecurities stolen along curved perimeters searches conducted and swell like spiked nerve overtures
Track Name: the simplest part
i disrupt it seems to be a driving force inside of me its not about spoiling any fun or trying to bother anyone its about patterns i am aversed i must interfere i disrupt it seems and im not certain what this really means i dont know if it is a problem or a curse it could be worse it could even be good once the patterns seen i feel the urges grow inside of me feel it intensely and acutely in my brain ravage and maim its so strange to me being designed to combat normalcy is it eradicating me elevating me isolating me
Track Name: shinty six days
lucid theres a wall (green tile) theres a window (foggy) i feel the contour and the form as it brushes by and it sticks there i see the shape of a hip on the back of my mind i know this place stands outside of "real time" and "forethought"
Track Name: the milder versions
there is a part deep down in me that lusts for strife and stands right in my way it makes its case as it lays waste to my self worth led astray and as it shouts down pleas for reason im left with no choice but to endure it pulls me deep inside a trench thats filled with my manure and im stuck there to stay astray and brood and somehwere in those deep dark moments the synapse so familiar to me so intimate and helpless like despair or ecstasy and at the farthest points of each adrenaline pushes on where reason fails the rest of the time the milder versions prevail as a sub routine as i struggle with the darkest strengths im not alone im here with you my darkest wishes coming true like a recursive spell enemy twin lies deep within somehow living under my skin oh or am i his shell ive managed somehow to survive but losing pieces every time theyre left behind sometimes my brain just melts and lava flows through me as every sense will fail the rest of the time the milder versions prevail
Track Name: red and blue nudes
high on light and electricity and of mind for getting cozy now theres nothing more comfortable than trust widened eyes exploratory as our faces tell a story now theres no hiding my smile i bite my lip and then i will bite yours im eager of course all our senses saturated by affection and attraction now no thoughts of before or after moving slower moving faster now fully present all the time writhe with me as we rise and plummet gasp with me until we reach the summit yeah our faces tell a story now we arrive at the same time
Track Name: the red resembles
when i investigate the math of life or when i open up my heart and mind to witness art and i inspect it all and i dissect it all sometimes i search for things that arent there i will project meaning where there is none ive got razor senses and apophenia i will remember everything (lol) i feel the senses as they sting ideas and emotions that i get when i discover everything even though the meanings mine its still a meaning
Track Name: the fluid of art
(i opened the gates
and let it flood out of me
the fluid of art)

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